Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The writing community....

I've written all my life, here and there, but writing a book was something new, something bigger and harder, and I knew I would need support. I tentatively eased into the online world of romance writers and have been overwhelmed by the welcome they have given me.

I definitely credit the help I've found at the Harlequin Writer's Forums, the Romance Divas forums, and various Facebook groups for improving my writing and keeping me sane. I've even started using Twitter just to keep in touch with all the creative friends I've made.

Writing has long been thought of as a lonely process, but the past few months have shown me that is no longer the case. I've been able to get help with dialogue, query letters, deep point of view, heat levels, and tools of the trade from talented authors around the globe. In fact, I'd call the online writing world the best tool at a new author's disposal, and one that you can't afford to neglect.

So thank you, for teaching me, encouraging me, and kicking my butt. I couldn't have finished Paradise Found without you!


  1. I was just thinking this morning, hm, maybe this is why it took me 20 years from my first manuscripts, to committing to a career as a writer. Maybe it wasn't about the pattern of my life, so much, as the fact that now, it seems so much more possible and real. Being a published writer used to mean sending away snail mail and waiting months for a response -- if what you got was a rejection letter (I got a few), you might not have had anyone encouraging you to keep going for it. Now, with easier communications, it feels like a more encouraging world!

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