Monday, July 31, 2017

Sale Alert!

The Groom's Little Girls is on sale! Get a digital copy for only $1.99 for a limited time! This is one of my favorite stories, and is all about finding your strength while also being there for others. Lots of cute kids, a handsome single dad, and a pair of adorable kittens. What more could you want?

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Father to tenacious and adorable twin girls. Business owner. Friend. That's plenty for Tyler Jackson to juggle. Did he really need to add mentoring a troubled little boy to that list? Yet he knows he can make a difference and maybe help the child's guardian, Dani Post, too. Because something about the lovely lawyer sends the widower's heart skipping…  
After several difficult months, Dani is finally getting her career and life back while learning to deal with her PTSD. Her heart is even opening up again, thanks to handsome Tyler. His ability to care for family and help her unsettled charge sparks something deep within Dani—something she thought was lost long ago. But can she learn to trust again—and open her heart to Paradise?

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